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Name:Xavier Louis Carlisle
Birthdate:Jan 26
Location:New York, United States of America
Website:♠ noirenewyork

Xavier Louis Carlisle (nee Howard) was born in 1513 in Carlisle, England and was the eldest son of the Earl and Countess of Carlisle. Xavier was only 20 years old when he found himself an Earl at the Court of Henry VIII when Anne Boleyn was at her height of success and just crowned King's Consort. When Xavier's father was killed in battle, Xavier was elevated to his title and brought to court where he served King Henry. His time at the King's Court was only destined to be short-lived, however. Just a year and a half later, weary from battle that were a result of Henry making Anne his Queen, Xavier was without his wits one night when he invited his mistress to his chambers. She was an obedient and attentive lover, however it was amidst the throes of passion that Xavier suddenly found himself with a wicked fang-bearing smile above him, and it was all the warning he had before she was sinking them into his throat. He protested at first, but soon became incapacitated. She drank deeply from him, and in his weakened state, forced him to drink from her in return. He never really considered his Embrace anything glamorous or honourable. Prior to that, he knew nothing of Kindred existence.

His Toreador mistress had claimed him, as opposed to the other way around. Fortunately for Xavier, his Sire didn't leave him high and dry, even if she took him against his will. He couldn't stay at court when he struggled with his new form, and escaped on horseback with her to Scotland where she worked with him to hone his Kindred skills and teach him the ways of their Clan. Ultimately, his disappearance from Court was noted as a treason and it lead to his mother being stripped of her land. Xavier had been powerless to do anything about it, and it took him many years to accept his failure to his King and his family. Once he was strong enough in his own skin, he and his Sire parted ways after she revealed her responsibility to a Clan rebellion group to gain more members for their cause and some blindsided attempt to conquer the mortal Monarchy. He still felt loyalty to the Crown, having been born and raised into the British nobility. His heart would never be in their cause, and that was when he sought the guidance and audience with the Kindred Prince of Scotland, Ealasaid Loudain. She accepted, and for the years to come, he could become her companion and her lover, until he felt it was time to move on his life's journey.

That was when he chose to travel to Paris, France, and crossed paths with another newly turned Kindred, and member of the Venture Clan, Blaise Richelieu, who would go on to become the Kindred Prince of Paris some 300 years later. Blaise introduced him to Kindred circles in Paris, but they did not remain in touch once Xavier gained the information he required. He was eternally grateful for the kindness and generosity, something which spanned into the modern day when their paths came to cross again. Xavier took a job then as a horse trainer on a large manor estate in Provence, France and began a torrid affair with the son of the Count of the Manor, Philipe. It ultimately worked in his favour when the son requested to be Embraced by Xavier, and ended up killing his parents in a frenzy, but it left him with the vast land and demanding Xavier remain with him forever. Xavier didn't love him, however, but he had many staff of the manor at his fingertips to feed on whenever he pleased. He just came to abhor being kept by his Childer who had no respect for Xavier as his Sire. Xavier took matters into his own hands, and when he walked away from the manor, it was wiping Philipe's blood from his hands after killing him. It was the only life Xavier ever took.

After wandering the world more following that, Xavier set his sights on America, travelling there by boat. He had hadn't been too proud to steal a portion of Philipe's riches before leaving him, and he was affluent enough to afford him a true Toreador lifestyle. He met Benjamin Knight and his brother, Eric, by chance on night in speakeasy in New York City just in the wake of Eric's Embrace. Ben was working on teaching Eric the way of the Kindred world, and after almost dying of pneumonia when he was a child, he was right up Eric's avenue as to taste. They slept together, and Ben had merely joked in the wake of it that Eric could use a wise Toreador to teach him some class. Xavier befriended Eric, but they never slept together again. It was that link that led to Xavier being appointed Ben's Toreador Primogen of his City when he was appointed the Kindred Prince of New York City.

It was during the hippy and Woodstock era that Xavier's life took a dramatic and unexpected turn when he met the love of his very long to-date life. Gregory Philip Kent sharp-minded businessman by nature, he was one of the USA's biggest drug dealers, and very rich to-boot. He also happened to be the President of the New York headquarters of the international media corporation founded and owned by CEO, one Blaise Richelieu, BMR Media Inc. He was the last type of person Xavier would have ever expected to catch his eye, which is exactly what happened. By that time, Xavier was in possession of a large and sprawling manor estate of his own in Westchester, New York, where he owned many horses and had a name for him himself as a highly successful horse trainer of beautiful racehorses. It was at a high-profile party in the wake of Woodstock, soaked in drugs, that Greg caught Xavier's eye across the room, though to be more accurate, they both caught each other's eyes at the same time. With Xavier unable to indulge in drugs because they had no effect on Kindred, and Greg a dealer but not a user, they were two of very, very few at the party who were sober. There was a hook-up and extensively passionate sex, with Xavier feeding from Greg and then wiping his memory of it in the wake.

After that, Xavier attempted to give Greg the brush-off, not wanting to risk revealing what he was or The Masquerade, but the guy was under his skin. He couldn't stop thinking about him, and whenever he tried to stay strong and not meet with Greg again, they once again ended up in another round of heated and hungry sex and this continued between them for a few years. Xavier's feelings were piqued, and he was confused, which is what led him to lose all control with Greg one night they were having sex, and he almost Embraced him a lust-fuelled frenzy. In shock, he nearly escaped, but instead never left Greg's side and nursed him back to health after the blood loss left him weak and ill. Once Greg began to get better, Xavier broke down in relief, and they were inevitably tears of blood, which led to him confessing to Greg what he was and what had happened, swearing that before sunrise, he would leave and walk out of Greg's life altogether so he would never risk him any further harm. During his whole confession, in an attempt to get Greg to understand how vastly Kindred walked amongst mortals, he revealed to Greg that his boss was also Kindred.

With that piece of knowledge planted in Greg's mind, he begged Xavier to give him another few days before he left. He boarded a Concorde flight to Paris and waited outside of Blaise's office until he would see him, and demanded that he Embrace him. Xavier had refused to when Greg flippantly suggested "sucking his blood and making him one" too. It wasn't Greg's fault he was a fan of Dracula movies. He had been serious, though, and after a very long and drawn out discussion with Blaise about many of the pros and cons of being Embraced, Blaise indulged him and when Greg returned to New York escorted by his Sire, he was a new Ventrue Childer with a Prince for a Sire.

Now, Xavier and Greg live together in the Westchester manor, and have recently mated... the Kindred equivalent of marriage, but via a blood bond that makes it impossible for them to survive without each other or be absent from each other for any distinct period of time. They do still indulge in sexual/feeding encounters with others, as is Kindred nature, but they always return to each other. Greg is still at the helm of Blaise's New York headquarters, and Xavier has moved on to own Carlisle Riding Academy and Stables built on his Westchester estate, whilst fulfilling his duties as Toreador Primogen of the City. It took him a long time to admit that the reason he lost control with Greg that night was because Greg was his soul mate, but now they are inseparable and very much a high profile power couple in the New York socialite world.

Within a vampire bloodline known as The Kindred, seven vampire clans are collectively joined, forming the largest sect of vampires called the Camarilla, and survive through the Masquerade, disguising themselves as humans. Camarilla policy is that vampires should try to fit in with and hide from the rest of humanity, as to easily feed on them. For this reason, they created a web of lies and misinformation, called the Masquerade, to make the public believe that supernatural beings like vampires could not possibly exist. The Camarilla also believes that the only way the vampire species can survive in these modern nights is if it unite. Any breach of the Masquerade by any vampire risks exposing the entire race. Both viewpoints are fundamentally opposed by the Sabbat, an opposing sect to the Camarilla. The Camarilla also enforces the Eldest as ruling class over the younger vampires. The seven clans of the Camarilla are Ventrue, Brujah, Malkavian, Toreador, Gangrel, Tremere and Nosferatu. When a human is turned by a Kindred vampire, it is known as the Embrace, the vampire siring the human to embrace them into their own bloodline.

Each city has a ruler, a "Prince" who enforces the laws of The Masquerade that govern them to protect their anonymity. A clan is a group of vampires "related" by blood; i.e. the vampiric equivalent of an extended family or lineage. A clan is usually a large group, acknowledged widely in the vampiric society. Each clan nurture their own characteristics and traits, and each clan has its strengths and weaknesses. Often the clans do not always get along with certain clans such as the Brujah and the Ventrue actually hating one another. Each clan within a given area has a representative, a Primogen, who is usually the eldest and most powerful member of the clan, who attends the leader or prince's advisory council. This status also grants the character social advantages and greater power than being a normal member of their clan.

All information is taken from fandom source @ Masquerade Wiki and Kindred Wiki

The Toreador are some of the most beautiful and glamorous of the Kindred. Famous (and infamous) as a clan of artists and innovators they are one of the bastions of the Camarilla, as their very survival depends on the facades of civility and grace on which the sect prides itself. In the middle age, the Toreador were a member of the High Clans, and their numbers were made up of the same types that are common in the modern nights - minstrels, painters, poets and actors. The Toreador revelled in the Victorian age. The Industrial Revolution led to a phenomenon that only the rich had been previously afforded - leisure time. A heyday of theatre, music and art began in cultural nexuses like New York, London and Paris and spread throughout the globe. While the influence of the Church in people's lives (and consequently, the influence Toreador held over the church) waned, those Kindred that latched themselves onto businessmen prospered. Possibly the one thing most Toreador love with the exception of beauty is money, and it was now accessible from places other than the landed gentry of the time. While the Clan has had peaks and troughs, this was a time that cemented them as a true power in the Camarilla.

It is said that while the Ventrue are the mind of the Camarilla, the Toreador are its soul. The Toreador portray themselves as the vampires closest to the living breathing pulse of the humans around them (though this honour might be shared with the Brujah). They claim that this is what keeps them so vital and modern. Indeed, Clan members are often the first ones to be aware of what mortals are wearing, eating, buying and sleeping with. The weakness of the Toreador Clan is that the members of this clan are as much prisoners of their artistic vision and sensitivity as they are its beneficiaries. They are often overcome by the beauty they see around them, and become immobilized with fascination. Such things as paintings, neon signs, or even sunrises can captivate them. It requires a successful Willpower roll to break the fascination quickly; otherwise, the Toreador will stand, awed and helpless, for minutes or even hours. This trait explains why Toreador so often fall in love with mortals.

All information is taken from fandom source @ Toredor Wiki

You hit me like a subway train
And I will never be the same
And darling I'll follow you down to the ground
Even when you fall apart, I'll pick up your bloodstained heart
And darling I'll follow you down to the ground

"bloodstained heart" by darren hayes

Xavier is for the psl, ♠ noirenewyork

DISCLAIMER: Xavier is an original character inspired by the Kindred: The Embraced (TV Show)/Vampire: The Masquerade (RPG) fandom. His backstory is the work of his mun, and all historical references above are complete fiction and created for Xavier's backstory. No copyright infringement intended. His PB is Max Irons, who belongs to himself. His sole universe is [community profile] noirenewyork.

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